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There is one thing that men fear more than almost anything else, and that is losing their hair. Some men will say that they are not worried about it, but when they start to notice hair loss in the mirror in the morning, they quickly change their minds. Others choose to shave their heads continuously, once they discover the hair starting to thin and fall out.

Men, you are not alone. Over half of the men in the United States suffer from premature hair loss. The problem is that no one seems to know what to do about it. There are dozens of different products available on the market to purchase that swear to help you get your hair back, but which ones work and which ones do not?


Some choose to avoid hair loss herbs in order to go straight for the drugs that they can find in a pharmaceutical store, as they believe that something manufactured is stronger than any herb could be. The most popular over the counter drug is Monoxidil, known more commonly by its street name of Rogaine. Rogaine used to be prescribed by physicians, but it now is available over the counter, making many hair loss sufferers excited. It is applied directly onto the scalp, and many men have said how wonderfully it works. The only problem with Rogaine is that most men discover that their hair falls out again once they stop using the formula.

Hair Loss Herbs

Hair loss herbs are not much different from medications that you can find in a drug store to treat hair loss. After all, many of the prescription and over the counter medications exist because of the herbs. The big difference between the prescription and over the counter drugs and hair loss herbs tends to be that there are no side effects and that the hair loss product works better after use is discontinued. Most younger men who try hair loss herbs to help bring their hair back find that they can stop using the product after they have let their hair grow back to the length they want it to be. It is also good to know, when you are taking something, that it is all natural, and therefore not harmful to your body in anyway.

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